customized travel services

Personalized Travel Service Is Our Business

You reached this page wanting for to know more about our services. You know that one size doesn’t fit all. Every traveler is different, so we plan your vacation based on your needs and desires. That is why YOU and your needs are starting point to plan your vacation experience.

In short, we plan every detail of your personalized travel experience to match your interests and expectations. We take our clients on the road, rivers, and cities less traveled, and we are always open to suggestions about any unique travel experiences. We put ourselves in your shoes when planning your trip, taking into consideration the likes, dislikes, and special needs of every member of your group, so that the vacation we design perfectly matches your expectations.

Aurora Cruises & Travel, LLC is a very unique travel company that combines 3 types of businesses in one:

  • Travel Agency
  • Concierge services
  • Travel well-being consulting

As an Aurora Cruises & Travel client, you have the right to expect a lot from your vacation investment, so we work hard to design a customized vacation to surpass even your wildest expectations. Read and view some of our client testimonials about traveling with Aurora Cruises & Travel and call toll free 1-800-213-7703.