Alaskan Cruise Tour

Use a Personal Travel Consultant on Your Alaskan Cruise Tour

Looking for a little help with your Alaskan cruise tour but not quite ready to book by yourself? Do you know that hiring a personal travel consultant help you to save time and money? There is some overview of your Alaskan cruise tour.

  • Alaskan cruise tour means land and cruise experience
  • We offer unique combinations of travel products for Alaska cruise tour
  • Great for adventurous, nature enthusiasts
  • Best for family vacation
  • For discerning travel, we offer smaller ships and groups
  • Expert advice to design your Alaskan cruise tour in your way
  • Peace of mind for our customers

Allow Our Expertise Work for You

Aurora Cruises & Travel wants to make sure you have the Alaska Cruise tour experience will match your dreams perfectly. Let us, as travel consultants, help you pick up the right Alaskan cruise tour and the itinerary that meets your expectations. We want to achieve your personal goals for your vacation.

What is the purpose of Alaskan cruise tour: relaxation, reconnection, adventure seeking, celebration, recuperation or something else? Let us to plan your Alaskan cruise tour base on your needs.

  • How many days at sea? What about land?
  • Small or large ship?
  • Yukon, Klondike, or Denali?
  • Balcony or suite?
  •  Group or private optional excursions?

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Customize Alaskan Cruise Tour in Your Way

Think of the Alaskan cruise tour as a tailor-made product. Alaskan cruise tour must be customized according to your lifestyle and possibilities. Alaskan cruise tour is a complicated product with a lot of options and amenities. We highly recommend to speak to personal travel consultant before you make the final decision.Your personal travel consultant must have expensive knowledge about Alaskan cruise tour and personal experience on it. Retail-oriented travel agents without special experience on Alaskan cruise tour can’t provide valuable advice. Take into consideration Dr. Jastrjembskaia as your personal travel planner for your Alaskan cruise tour. She has personal experience and special training from Royal Caribbean International, Holland America, and Princess Cruise lines can deliver the desirable result: your unforgettable Alaskan cruise tour experience.

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You Will Enjoy Your Alaskan Cruise Tour

As professional Alaskan cruise consultants we offer the following concierge service that allows you to

  • Distinguish between different Alaskan cruise tour products provided by different cruise lines
  • Make informed decision about Alaskan cruise tour that is right for you
  • Choose the right time for your Alaskan cruise tour
  • Select the right itinerary (southbound or north bound) and departure date
  • Pick up the right cabin on the right ship for your Alaskan cruise tour
  • Create pre-cruise logistics before you start your Alaskan cruise tour
  • Create after cruise  logistics after you finish your Alaskan cruise tour
  • Obtain insider advice what to do and what NOT to do during Alaskan  cruise tour
  • Pick up additional excursions and activities before, after, and during your Alaskan cruise tour
  • Be with you in case of emergencies, trip  delays, flight cancellations, and force majeure situations as natural disasters or strikes

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Nadia is a Personal Travel Planner for Alaskan Cruise Tour

  • She is an Accredited Cruise Counselor by Cruise Line International Association. She has multiple personal experiences on Alaskan cruise tour and was trained by numerous cruise lines about Alaskan cruise tour products.
  • From intensive training and personal experience, she knows the products we sell; so we are confident in providing the valuable advice about all aspects of your Alaskan cruise tour!

Travel Partners for Alaskan Cruise Tour

  • Holland America Cruise line
  • Celebrity Cruise Line
  • Royal Caribbean cruise line
  • Princess Cruise line

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