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Fleet AmaWaterways has an expansive fleet of 20-plus custom-designed ships. 16 of those vessels cater specifically to the rivers in Europe. Those ships include:

  • AmaPrima
  • AmaReina
  • AmaSerena
  • AmaSonata
  • AmaStella
  • AmaVerde
  • AmaVida
  • AmaViola
  • AmaBella
  • AmaCello
  • AmaCerto
  • AmaDagio
  • AmaDante
  • AmaDolce
  • AmaLegro
  • AmaLyra

What Nadia Is Saying

Nadia Jastrjembskaia
Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Elite Cruise counselor

“I recommend AmaWaterways to:

  • Reasonably well-heeled, well-traveled, and active guests
  • English-speaking travelers from North America, Australia, UK and New Zealand
  • Fine food and wine lovers
  • Who prefer bigger staterooms
  • Who prefer “hidden” tours with focus on off-the-beaten-path attractions
  • Bicycle enthusiasts
  • Hands-on culinary and wine-related experiences
  • Theme cruise lovers: wine, beer, and Jewish heritage, ect.

 Feel free to contact me at 772 335-7017! I will be happy to assist you! My service is free for my clients. So, be one of them!”

Nadia Jastrjembskaia, CLIA-certified Cruise Advisor in the Rank of Elite Cruise counselor

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“Discover how to see Europe. Without packing and unpacking. Without jumping from train to bus. From bus to train. Just enjoy medieval cities and villages. Vistas and food …”

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In addition to European rivers, AmaWaterways also explores other exotic rivers.

The AmaDara and the AmaLotus provide you luxurious passage through the rivers of Vietnam and Cambodia.

The Zambezi Queen is a quaint, 28-passenger ship specifically designed for safari cruising in the rivers of Africa.

AmaWaterways’ newly released AmaPura is an all-suite ship that will take you through the rivers of Myanmar (Burma).

Some reviews have mentioned some slight concern with the appearances of some of the newer ships, stating they appear to be refurbished and not new.

Appearances notwithstanding, all AmaWaterways ships have passed inspections and have been deemed safe for travels.


Amawaterways activities
Aamwaterways's ships have a lot of open spaces to enjoy scenery.

AmaWaterways’ custom designed ships offer state-of-the-art public spaces and a friendly atmosphere. Known for their groundbreaking Twin Balcony Staterooms, AmaWaterways aims to provide guests with the most extravagant experience possible. AmaWaterways was awarded the TravelAgeWest “Best Cabin features and Amenities” WAVE Award.

Some of the in-suite amenities on AmaWaterways’ ships include:

  • Plush Down Bedding
  • Flat-panel TV
  • Individually controlled air-conditioning
  • Ample Closet Space
  • Multi-jet Shower

AmaWaterways also provides guests with access to a top-of-the-line Infotainment System. You’ll enjoy these additional, complimentary, features including:

  • High speed Internet access (plus Wi-Fi)
  • Exclusive Movie-on-Demand system
  • English-language news, sports, and satellite TV stations
  • Large selection of Music channels

Suite Exclusive Amenities

Suite guests receive a few additional upgrades and amenities than stateroom guests.

The AmaWaterways suites are designed with comfort in mind, so each enhanced sitting area includes a couch, allowing for the perfect amount of space for in-suite activities.

Suite guests will also have access to an in-suite mini bar. Each of the suite’s larger bathrooms accommodates a separate bathtub in addition to the standalone shower, giving guests a more spa-like bathroom retreat.

The biggest upgrade AmaWaterways suite guests will receive is space.

River Cruise Collection

River Collection is a set of river cruise brochures from the different cruise companies, including AmaWaterways.

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  • 46 brochures
  • 12 river cruise companies

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amawaterways itineraries
Amawaterways itineraries.

AmaWaterways offers more than a dozen different itineraries exploring Europe’s rivers.

You’ll be able to choose from a number of cruise options which range anywhere from a 9-night cruise to a 30-night cruise.

One of the most impressive cruises offered is the month-long Paris to Istanbul cruise tour which explores the Rhine River, Main River, Mosel River, and Danube River.

Some of the other popular itineraries feature a “wine-themed” cruise tour, making stops at different wineries along the river.

Other cruise excursions may include seeing famous, historical landmarks. These daily shore excursions offer guests the opportunity to enjoy a number of enriching experiences all at their own pace.

Whether you’re interested in taking advantage of the guided tours or choose to explore on your own, AmaWaterways excursions are an added experience for any river cruise.

You should be careful to choose a cruise location in an area you have some interest in, however, as the onshore excursions may seem boring or unexciting if you travel to a location you’re uninterested in.


amawaterways cruise service
AmaWaterways' steward is waiting for guests to return back from excursion.

AmaWaterways takes pride in providing the finest onboard service of any river cruise line in the industry.

All AmaWaterways staff members are chosen with great care and with the relationship to the guests in mind.

The expert Cruise Managers are selected based on their professionalism, expertise, and personality.

The rest of the professional staff, from the housekeeping staff to the Captain, work constantly to ensure all guests have the best experience possible.

AmaWaterways hires only the most attentive and knowledgeable local guides for their onshore excursions.

Since customer service is a top priority, AmaWaterways issues detailed questionnaires at the end of each cruise.

Believing in the power of feedback, AmaWaterways takes all of the passenger feedback seriously, using it to praise the hardworking staff and make adjustments in areas passengers find concerning.

The vast majority of AmaWaterways reviews highlight the passengers’ experiences with the exceptional staff.

When it comes to AmaWaterways’ dining service, there have been a few complaints regarding the food options offered aboard the ships.

These cuisine options are often designed to highlight regional cultures and traditions and may not resemble menus offered by ocean cruises, so if you’re picky about food you might want to research some local food delicacies before booking a cruise to a particular location.

Themed Departures

amawaterways wine cruises
Amawaterways is well known for wine-themed cruises.

If you’re looking to experience a Themed Cruise, AmaWaterways has something you’re sure to enjoy.

AmaWaterways’ most abundant themed cruises are Wine Themed.

You can take a wine themed cruise through a number of beautiful river destinations, including Danube, Douro, Rhine, Paris and Normandy, and Provence and Spain.

Another popular themed departure is AmaWaterways’ Beer Themed cruises, where you can enjoy beer tastings and historic brewery tours.

The “In Celebration of Life” themed cruise is designed to take you to historic and scenic destinations where you can enjoy the best AmaWaterways has to offer.

If you’re interested in learning more about Jewish heritage, the Jewish Heritage Themed cruise offered by AmaWaterways takes you to some significant historical sites for a number of tours filled with valuable history lessons.

Each Art Themed cruise offers a magical look inside luxurious sites that have been touched by generations of European artists.

AmaWaterways even offers Jazz Themed cruises where you can discover a wealth of art, history, and cultural treasures throughout Europe’s most renowned destinations.

Celebrate the holidays a little different this year with a Christmas Time Cruise from AmaWaterways; your festive journey will be filled with local flavor and traditions in some of the most charming regions.

You’ll visit plenty of markets and experience the places where today’s most beloved Christmas traditions originated from.

AmaWaterways also offers Exotic Cruises.

You’ll discover the magic and beauty of Vietnam and Cambodia, Africa, or even Myanmar (Burma).

Each Exotic Cruise is designed to help passengers understand the importance of the rivers to centuries-old cultures.

While in Vietnam and Cambodia, you’ll discover ancient temples, see unforgettable mist-covered mountains, visit a Buddhist monastery, and get a chance to try rice paper-making.

Trips to Africa combine a classic safari experience with a scenic wildlife cruise. Guests sailing through Africa’s rivers will also get to visit the legendary Victoria Falls, one of the Seven Natural Wonders of the World.

Offering 2 incredible Myanmar itineraries, AmaWaterways takes you through timeless and exotic sites rich with wondrous experience.

You’ll love visiting ancient monasteries, seeing the majestic statues and shrines, and visiting the former royal capitals.

With plenty of new sites to see, AmaWaterays Exotic Cruises may hold the key to the special memories you’re looking to make this vacation.

Staterooms and Suites

All cabins on AmaWaterways ships are designed to provide you with all the luxuries of a traveling hotel.

Most AmaWaterways staterooms come with the same accommodations, but the layout will vary by ship and deck location.

In addition to general staterooms there are a few other cabin categories including Single Accommodation Staterooms, Suites, and even Luxury Suites.

The high quality in-room furnishings for each room are designed to help you feel at home in the privacy of your own room.

Standard Stateroom

amawaterways stateroom cabin
Standard stateroom.

The Standard Stateroom is designed to comfortably accommodate 2 guests.

There is no private bedroom for the staterooms; each stateroom comes equipped with a queen-size bed.

A separate sitting area will be provided in each stateroom. There is only 1 in-room bathroom.

Guests staying in the Standard Staterooms may enjoy up to 3 special features. Standard Staterooms provide guests with access to an outside balcony, a French balcony, or twin windows.

A few Standard Staterooms will include the outside balcony, the French balcony, and a single large window.

Single Accommodation Stateroom

The Single Accommodation Stateroom is designed to accommodate a single guest.

There is no private bedroom in this stateroom. Each stateroom comes equipped with a single twin-size bed.

This stateroom does include a 3-piece bathroom.

Single Accommodation Staterooms will include only one special feature, either guest access to a French Balcony or large twin windows.


Aamawaterways suite
Amawaterways suite.

The AmaWaterways Suite is designed to comfortably accommodate 2 guests.

There is no private bedroom for this suite. Each suite comes equipped with a queen-size bed and a full, 4-piece washroom.

The suite’s sitting area is larger than those in the staterooms.

Suite layouts vary by ship and may include a combination of 4 special features.

Suites may include an outside balcony, a large picture window, and a French balcony, an outside balcony and a French balcony, or a French balcony and a floor-to-ceiling picture window.

Luxury Suite

amawaterways suite
It is nice to have a real balcony in suite.

The Luxury Suite is designed to comfortably accommodate 2 guests, but may accommodate up to 3-4.

Luxury Suites are not available on every ship. While the Amadara’s Luxury Suite does not include a separate bedroom, the Luxury Suite aboard the Amalotus does.

Each suite includes a king-size bed and a sizeable sitting area (separate aboard the Amalotus). There is a full, 4-piece washroom in this suite. The Amalotus Luxury Suite also includes a second, 3-piece bathroom.

Luxury Suite guests on the Amadara will enjoy relaxing on the outside balcony or looking through the French balcony from the suite’s living area.

Luxury Suite guests on the Amalotus will enjoy AmaWaterways’ signature Twin Balconies and a French balcony in the bedroom.

Onboard Activities and Entertainment

amawaterways activities on board
Aamawaterways have onboard local entertainment every evening.

While sailing on your AmaWaterways cruise, there are multiple activities that you’ll enjoy.

The ship’s Sundecks provide numerous lounge chairs and a retractable roof, giving passengers a place to get some sun and relax.

You’ll also enjoy spending time in the heated pool or the whirlpool hot tub.

Each ship also has Massage, Beauty, and Hair Salon where you can treat yourself to a much-needed massage or a variety of other individual treatments.

With staffed hair stylists, masseuses, and beauty therapists to take care of your every need, you’ll feel rejuvenated with just a single visit.

After a relaxing day at the spa, you might wish to visit the onboard gift shop or fireside library for some additional extracurricular activities.

For something a little more active, you might enjoy visiting the onboard walking track or putting green.

With an onboard Fitness Center and Sauna, you maintain all the benefits of your gym back home, and then some.

A few AmaWaterways ships even include a giant chess board for some added fun.

The Main Lounge generally includes a bar and a piano, giving guests a friendly atmosphere to share a few drinks while listening to live musical performances.

Some AmaWaterways ships have an onboard dance floor with a more upbeat atmosphere that passengers are sure to love.

Each night, AmaWaterways offers different onboard entertainment; you’ll love the variety of performers, designed to complement your daily discoveries.


amawaterways cruise restaurant food
Food is ne of the things that sets AmaWaterways apart from other river cruise lines.

AmaWaterways and their culinary staff go above and beyond to turn a simple meal into an outstanding dining experience.

The expert chefs create unforgettable dishes that highlight the regional cultures and traditions of your cruise destination.

Passengers will get the freedom to choose between multiple different dining venues.

AmaWaterways is proud to announce that every one of their European ships are official members of La Chaine des Rotisseurs, one of the world’s most prestigious culinary organizations.

You’ll have the opportunity to try meals designed by Primus Perchtold, AmaWaterways’ Executive Chef, which are guaranteed to worth a gold-medal.

With a wide array of dining options, there’s bound to be something for everyone.

The Main Lounge serves a full breakfast buffet with made-to-order specialties.

For lunch, the Main Lounge serves both buffet style entrees as well as meals from the restaurant’s menu.

In the late afternoon, the Main Lounge will also provide passengers with complimentary espressos, sandwiches, pastries, and cookies. Dinner at the Main Lounge is a spectacular, multi-course affair.

Every lunch and dinner serves on AmaWaterways includes free-flowing wines, as well as complimentary beer and soft drinks.

In Europe, passengers will also receive complimentary sparkling wine with breakfast.

As an AmaWaterways passenger, you’ll have access to free bottled water, specialty teas, and coffees at any point throughout your cruise.

In addition to the Main Lounge, AmaWaterways ships offer other dining options. The Chef’s Table Restaurant offers a unique and exclusive 24-seat venue that allows passengers to watch as a private chef prepares a special tasting menu.

On select days, passengers can also enjoy an outdoors lunch on the Sun Deck, for a little change of scenery with their meal.

All onboard gourmet dining options will bring you sophisticated and outstanding cuisine with the delightful and attentive service you expect from AmaWaterways staff.

Onshore Excursions

amawaterways excurions
Amawaterways is well know for small group complimentary excursions as this one to vineyard.

AmaWaterways offers a number of complimentary Small Group Shore Excursions.

These daily shore excursions will help keep you busy making memories for your entire river cruising experience.

Helping accommodate for each individual passenger’s needs, these shore excursions are flexible so they can be set at your own pace.

In addition to offering a “Gentle Walkers” group and an “Active Walkers” group, AmaWaterways also offers a “Late Starter” group so that passengers that enjoy sleeping in don’t have to worry about missing out on these unique expriences.

Each shore excursions is led by experienced guides that’ll give you and your other group members personalized attention, ensuring you enjoy the most out of your tour.

AmaWaterways hires the top local guides for every location visited by one of their ships, ensuring that you receive an intensive and immersive introduction into both the local culture and heritage of the region.

Complimentary state-of-the-art headsets will allow you to hear each guide’s live-audio transmission without having to huddle in closer to hear them properly, giving you the freedom to linger a little longer if you choose.

With over 2 dozen complimentary bicycles on all European river cruise ships, AmaWaterways allows each guest to get the most out of their onshore experiences.

Passengers may choose to participate in some guided bicycle tours. If you don’t want to follow the guided bicycle tour, you can still use these bicycles to set out on your own and explore an area of your choosing.

You’ll love having the freedom to explore the riverside bikeways or glide through the quaint cobblestone streets at each port-of-call.

Unguided bicycle excursions also give you the freedom to return earlier if you choose to eat lunch onboard instead of a local restaurant.

The bikes will set up and ready to go as soon as the ship comes to port so you can start your adventure the moment the ship docks.

Land Programs are also available with AmaWaterways.

These programs are fully-hosted by the AmaWaterways cruise manager and will include complimentary hot buffet-style breakfast, a complimentary city tour, and even transportation from the ship to the 4-star (or higher) hotel located in the city center.