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Avalon Waterways

 Avalon Waterways has a vast number of river cruise ships. The Avalon fleet includes a number of designated Europe River Cruise Ships as well as a few other Asia, Galapagos, and Amazon River Cruise Ships. The Europe ships include:

  • Avalon Imagery II
  • Avalon Passion
  • Avalon Tranquility II
  • Avalon Poetry II
  • Avalon Illumination
  • Avalon Impression
  • Avalon Expression
  • Avalon Artistry II
  • Avalon Visionary
  • Avalon Vista
  • Avalon Panorama
  • Avalon Felicity

There are 4 Asia ships, including:

  • Avalon Siem Reap
  • Avalon Myanmar
  • Century Paragon
  • Century Legend

The only ship that explores the Galapagos Islands is the Isabela II.

There are 2 ships that will sail through the Amazon; those are the Aria and the Discovery.

If you’re interested in exploring the Nile River, you’ll get to experience it all from the comfort of the Mayfair.

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Nadia Jastrjembskaia, CLIA-certified Cruise Advisor in the Rank of Elite Cruise counselor

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Avalon wants to make each of their cruises as rich as possible, giving you access to all the things they know are important for your cruise enjoyment.

For Avalon, the difference is in the details.

The most talked about Avalon amenities include:

  • Sky Deck whirlpool (European ships)
  • Complimentary Wi-Fi access
  • Self-serve beverage station (complimentary tea, hot chocolate and premium coffees)
  • Lounges and upscale bar (premium spirits)
  • Fitness center
  • Well-stocked library
  • Hair salon (manicures available)
  • Spacious, open-seating dining room
  • Non-smoking interior

All guests will receive a number of stateroom amenities.

Guests staying in a stateroom will receive complimentary bottled water, complimentary bathrobes and slippers for onboard use.

Suite Exclusive Amenities

In addition to stateroom amenities, Suite guests will also receive suite exclusive amenities.

Suite guests will love the upgraded suite interior, including comfort collection beds and marble countertops in the bathroom.

River Cruise Collection

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  • 46 brochures
  • 12 river cruise companies

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avalon waterways river cruise

River Cruises offer a number of cruises lasing anywhere from 4 nights to 24 nights.

A lot of cruises are “special-interest” themed cruises; some of the more popular themed cruises include topics such as art, music, food, and wine. Each cruise offers more onshore excursions than any other cruise line.

These guided sightseeing and excursions allow you to optimize your cruising experience by customizing your cruise to fit your individual interests.

A few reviews have revealed a slight disappointment in the short length of time for the onshore excursions, so prepare to plan your day around any time restrictions.



Avalon Waterways river cruises

Avalon’s goal is to make you feel at home regardless of where you’re traveling. Your dream cruise can be achieved with a number of “special touches” including:

  • Continental breakfast and beverage room service (fee may apply)
  • Private cocktail parties in Panorama & Avalon Suites
  • Avalon Celebration packages

As a company, Avalon embodies the “you first, no matter what” mentality and takes pride in only hiring crews that share that same spirit.

Very few complaints have been made against the Avalon crews; most reviews highlight how pleasant the staff was throughout the entire cruising experience.

When it came to the dining services offered aboard Avalon River Cruises, however, there were mixed reviews.

Some complaints included the limited menus available throughout the cruise, but that is not always the case.

Themed Departures

avalon waterways river cruise

Avalon Waterways has a number of special interest cruises. Each themed departure allows you to celebrate your passions with other people that share them.

Avalon’s Art and Impressionist River Cruises are a great way for art enthusiasts to explore northern France’s art museums.

The Wellness River Cruise features stretching and yoga, lectures on healthy lifestyles, and healthy dining options.

For golf enthusiasts, Avalon offers a special Golf River Cruise where passengers can meet a local golf expert and tee off at 3 select courses.

The Culinary River Cruises appeal to any amateur food connoisseur, offering a “Taste of Normandy” excursion, wine tastings, and complimentary easy to make, take home, recipes.

For the ultimate wine tasting experience, Avalon Waterways also offers Wine Appreciation River Cruises.

If wine isn’t your drink of choice, you may enjoy Avalon’s Beer River Cruises that’ll take you through historic breweries as you discover Europe’s famous beers.

History buffs will love the historical themed departures offered by Avalon Waterways.

Experience some of the most historical sites in Europe on the European History and Politics River Cruises.

Avalon Waterways river cruises

With WWI History River Cruises, you’ll enjoy learning the stories left behind after the war.

Avalon also offers a Habsburg History River Cruise that’ll take you to visit the Habsburg Castle so you can learn the story behind one of Europe’s most important royal houses.

You’ll feel alive with the sound of music as you embark on one of Avalon Waterways’ Music River Cruises.

On a Music River Cruise, passengers will enjoy visiting classical concerts in Vienna and the historic birthplace of Mozart.

Opera lovers will be amazed with the professional Canadian opera singers performed aboard Avalon’s Opera River Cruises.

Join a jazz expert for a Jazz River Cruise and visit exciting destinations such as Vienne, France during its world-renowned Jazz Festival.

Enjoy the holidays with Avalon Waterways. Guests aboard a Christmastime River Cruise will be surrounded by the sights, smells, and tastes of the local Christmas markets.

Experience the holiday season the Central European way by joining the Christmas carolers, listening to the onboard lectures about Christmas and New Year’s traditions, and savoring traditional Christmas meals.

Discover Europe in new light with Jewish Heritage European River Cruises.

Each cruise is designed to highlight the monuments, museums, and traditions that are significant to Jewish history.

Connect with your heritage by visiting Europe’s largest synagogue, or learn about another culture with a walking tour of Jewish Vienna.

Avalon Waterways also offers a President’s River Cruise that will take you through an incredible journey through Belgium.

You’re sure to enjoy the President’s Gala Dinner and special onshore excursions available in this themed departure cruise.

Unique to Avalon, you can enjoy a Godmother and Author Cruise. Christened Avalon’s Godmother, world renowned author Patricia Schultz will be there to discuss the most impressive, must-see destinations around the world.

Schultz will also be presenting lectures and holding a book signing as you sail through the beautiful scenery of the Danube River.

Staterooms and Suites

Avalon Waterways river cruises

The whole point in a cruise is the view.

Re-inventing the industry’s standards, Avalon Waterways offers a revolutionary cruising experience, with full-time views from each suite.

Across Avalon’s 25 ship fleet, there are 11 different room accommodations.

The beds in any of the rooms can be split into single beds. Not all of the suites listed below are available fleet-wide.

Classic Cabin

The Classic Cabin is designed to comfortably accommodate only 1 guest. This cabin includes a single bathroom with a shower.

Guests staying in this cabin will have access to an in-room safe, individual climate control, and easy under-bed luggage storage.

Standard Cabin

Avalon Waterways river cruises

The Standard Cabin is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 2 guests. This cabin features a queen-size bed.

There is an in-room safe located in this cabin. The cabin will also give guests access to individual climate control.

All guests will love the stunning views from the cabin’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

Deluxe Stateroom

The Deluxe Stateroom is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 2 guests.

This stateroom features a semi-private living area separate from the bedroom area.

The stateroom’s only bathroom comes equipped with a full shower and bathtub.

This stateroom includes a well-stocked minibar, a writing desk, an in-room safe, and individual climate control.

Guests staying in this stateroom will enjoy access to floor-to-ceiling sliding-glass doors with louvers.


Panorama Suite

Avalon Waterways river cruises

The Panorama Suite is designed to accommodate up to 2 guests. This suite includes a queen-size bed and a 6-person sitting area.

The suite’s bathroom features a large, full shower with a glass door, but no bathtub.

Guests will have access to a well-stocked in-suite minibar.

This suite also includes an in-room safe, individual climate control, ample closet space, a direct-dial telephone and a writing desk.

All guests saying in this suite will enjoy the Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Window with an Open-Air Balcony.

Royal Suite

Avalon Waterways river cruises

The Royal Suite is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 2 guests.

This suite features a king-size bed and a sitting area large enough to accommodate 6 people.

There is a well-stocked minibar available for guests’ enjoyment.

The bathroom for this suite does not include a bathtub; it does, however, include a large shower with a bench seat and a double vanity sink.

This suite also includes an in-room safe, a vanity, ample closet space, individual climate control, and a writing desk.

All guests staying in the Royal Suite will enjoy the once-in-a-lifetime views available through the suite’s Wall-to-Wall Panoramic Window with an Open-Air Balcony.

Avalon Suite

The Avalon Suites is designed to accommodate only 2 guests.

This suite includes a queen-size bed with easy under-bed luggage storage. The suite’s bathroom does not include a bathtub, but does have a large shower.

Guests staying in this suite will have access to a vanity, a well-stocked minibar, an in-room safe, individual climate control, and ample closet space.

The suite’s living area does include a sofa.

All guests staying in this suite will enjoy access to the floor-to-ceiling windows and the suite’s French balcony.

Fauna Suite

The Fauna Suite is designed to comfortably accommodate up to 2 guests.

This suite includes a queen-size bed, a semi-separate seating area, and a single bathroom.

There is also a telescope and an in-room safe located in this suite.

Guests can set the optimal room temperature with individual climate control.

All guests staying in this suite will love the view from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Flora Suite

The Flora Suite is designed to accommodate up to 2 guests. This suite features a queen-size bed, a seating area, and 1 bathroom.

Guests will have access to individual climate control, an in-room safe, and a telescope.

All guests staying in this suite will enjoy the views from the floor-to-ceiling windows.

Estuary Suite

The Estuary Suite is designed to comfortably accommodate 2 guests. This suite features a queen-size bed.

The suite includes a sitting area and 1 bathroom.

There is an in-room safe for guests’ valuables.

This suite also includes a telescope and individual climate control.

All guests staying in this suite will wake up to stunning views from the suite’s floor-to-ceiling windows.

Amazonia Suite

The Amazonia Suite is designed to accommodate up to 2 guests.

This suite has 1 bathroom.

There is a semi-separate sitting area located in this suite.

Guests staying in this suite can set the optimal temperature through the suite’s individual climate control.

This suite also includes a telescope and an in-room safe. All guests staying in this suite will love the stunning views from the wall of windows.

Onboard Activities and Entertainment

Avalon Waterways river cruises

While aboard any Avalon cruise ship, you’ll be able to relax on the Sky Deck which features premium lounge chairs, a whirlpool hot tub (for all European ships) and even a shade system.

For all-day enjoyment, guests have access to a self-serve beverage station with complimentary tea, hot chocolate, and premium coffees. You’ll enjoy the ease of the spacious, open-seating dining rooms.

Each Avalon ship offers a Fitness Center designed for passengers with an active lifestyle or guests looking to start a new daily routine.

After a hard day’s workout, passengers can visit the onboard spa for some pampering.

Manicures are also available in the hair salon. For a little quieter retreat, guests also have access to the ship’s well-stocked library.

Avalon also offers a number of lounges and upscale bars for passengers to hang out.

These locations are perfect for some nighttime entertainment.

Serving premium spirits, the lounges and bars are also an ideal place to meet someone new.


Avalon Waterways river cruises

With the dining options you crave, Avalon gives you multiple choices. Whether you’re in the mood for a buffet, four-course dinner, Continental breakfast, al fresco lunch, or a light dinner, Avalon serves mouthwatering recipes you’re sure to love.

You can stick with the meals you know you love, or you can try something new, opting for a more cultural cuisine.

Every dinner menu will feature a specialty dish from the cruise destination. With dinner, you will get your choice of wine, which will include a special wine of the region, adding to the authenticity of your meal.

Though the exact meal times may vary depending on the cruise schedule, every Avalon cruise provides all guests with multiple dining opportunities.

The Early-Riser Coffee allows early birds to enjoy self-service coffee, hot water, croissants, cookies, and other assorted finger foods. The Breakfast Buffet serves a selection of breads, cereals, fruits, cold cuts and cheeses, smoked salmon, pastries, yogurts, juices, and other hot items that vary daily.

For those that like a little extra sleep in the morning, the Later-Riser Breakfast offers self-service coffee, hot water, croissants, cookies, and other assorted finger foods.

Avalon Waterways river cruises

When the Lunch Buffet rolls around, guests will be served a number of intriguing appetizers, hearty soups, hot dishes, homemade breads, cold cuts and cheeses, salads, and mouthwatering desserts.

If you’re looking to take a mid-day break, Avalon also offers Afternoon Tea in the lounge or on the top deck. With multiple dining options, including the new Panorama Bistro, dinner meals typically feature an appetizer, soup, entrée, and dessert, followed by coffee or tea.

For the night owls, Avalon even offers a late Night Fare, ensuring no passenger goes hungry

Avalon Waterways river cruises

Onshore Excursions

Avalon Waterways river cruises

Avalon understands that no two travelers are exactly the same, so they make sure to offer more onshore excursion options than any other cruise line.

Explore what intrigues you most, with award-winning land programs and world-class guides, there’s bound to be something everyone will enjoy.

Understanding that sightseeing isn’t a one-size-fits-all either, Avalon Waterways has developed 3 different sightseeing pace options for passengers to choose from.

Leisurely Sightseeing will allow you and your group to explore the highlights of each destination in a relaxed and unhurried way.

For a more moderate pace, you can explore a wide range of sites with the Traditional Sightseeing option.

Avalon even offers Independent Sightseeing, allowing you to not only see what you want, but letting you set your own pace as well.

In addition to choosing your own pace, Avalon also allows you to choose your own exploration method.

With complimentary bicycles, you’ll be able to experience each port from two wheels.

For specific ports (Amsterdam, Bernkastel, Cochem, Durnstein, and Breisach), Avalon has partnered with bicycle tour specialists for optional, guided excursions.

If bicycles aren’t your style, you can choose to discover each destination the classic way – with a stroll along the ancient roads.

The most adventurous passengers may wish to explore slightly off the beaten path, and with Avalon, they can! Avalon offers Alternative Excursions that’ll take you to those hidden gems you’re dying to see.

Avalon Waterways river cruises