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Anthem of the Seas Royal Caribbean Internaitonal

Finally, Anthem of the Seas returned back to Cape Liberty in New Jersey on February 11, 2016.

Royal Caribbean apologizes for Anthem of the Seas experience and strengthens storm avoidance policy.

Royal Caribbean offers its guests and crew an apology and a promise to avoid similar situations in the future. Every guest received a full refund for the cruise and 50% off for a future cruise.

In a statement issued by Royal Caribbean, the company apologized for its ship encountering sustained 120-mph winds during a winter storm off the coast of the Carolinas.

“We apologize for exposing our guests and crew to the weather they faced, and for what they went through.”

Royal Caribbean also announced new plans to avoid storms like this with improved guidance.

The captain of the Royal Caribbean cruise ship that was rocked by terrifying, hurricane-force winds off the coast of the Carolinas Sunday told passengers that the forecast wasn’t “anything near what we actually experienced.”

Royal Caribbean’s Anthem of the Seas propulsion damaged by major storm. Coast Guard spokesman Charles Rowe says the Anthem of the Seas’ left azipod was rendered inoperable during the storm. An azipod is a propeller that’s mounted to a steerable pod that contains an electric motor.

According to Rowe, Royal Caribbean informed the Coast Guard prior to the ship returning to its homeport of Bayonne.

Despite the damage, Rowe indicated the ship can safely maneuver with a single azipod.

Anthem of the Seas sustained largely cosmetic damage, including broken glass, china and balcony doors.

My Comments

What I personally learned from this story that clients are not educated properly about cruise products.

Cruise products are the best option for vacationers but they have to be educated more about risk associated with travel products and cruises in particular.

How many times my clients went to great beach resort in dry season when they didn’t expect any rain. It was. For 7 days in a row.

How many times I took a simple cruise to Bahamas with purpose to relax in Coca Cay. No way! Waves were so bad that captains didn’t have a chance to anchor the ship.

Weather is not controlled by humans yet. Yes, Royal Caribbean International runs investigation about this incident. To figure out if captain didn’t follow regulations exactly to avoid storm.

When you book your cruise, your cruise advisor has to educate you about pluses and minuses about cruise products and capabilities of each ship to behave under different weather conditions.

I was on Anthem of the Seas in November last year. Great ship, great product. But its tonnage is less compare to Oasis class ships. This means that this may be not the right choice to people who are seasick.

I have been on Oasis of the Seas when ship didn’t have a choice as pass through the hurricane’s tail. It was little bit rocky but nothing compare to video I saw about Anthem of the Seas.

Another thought is about travel agents who work hard a few days to re-book flights, hotels, and transfers for their passengers who finished their vacation early than expected.

Think about this situation as this may happen to you. Your ship’s arrival is scheduled on February 13 and now you have to flight out of New York on February 11 or stay at hotel for 2 nights. Who will call you and say, ‘Mrs. and Mr. Xxxxx, don’t worry I made all arrangements for you. You may stay at Xxxx hotel in Manhattan if you wish. Or, I can rebook you on Flight XXX from JFK on February 12, 2016. Please let me know what you prefer.’

Sounds familiar? Or not? Think about this when you hit “Book this deal’ button on Service and attention is eliminated when you hit ‘Continue.’

If you need service, contact me or Donna by calling 772 335-7017. We are here to help you!

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