Cruise Ideas You Can Use for Coming Winter

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cruise vacation ideas

As you may know at the end of November Caribbean and Bahamas cruise season starts. This means that most ships return back to Caribbean market for the winter/spring season.

Caribbean (let’s combine Caribbean and Bahamas in this case) market is extremely saturated with endless choices: from mega yachts to mega ships. From 100+ guests up to 6,000 plus.

Major itineraries looks like this:

  • Bahamas
  • Western Caribbean
  • Eastern Caribbean
  • Southern Caribbean

I will not explain the difference between different itineraries. This is a separate topic that I may cover in future.

I just want to share with you some cruise ideas my clients enjoyed.

Idea #1. Three Nights Bahamas Cruise

cruise vacation ideas

Best for: for somebody who doesn’t have too many days left but is ready to take a short weekend cruise.

From where: Fort Lauderdale and Miami

Benefits: your ship departs at 4 pm on Friday and returns at 7 am on Monday. You have to have half day of work on Friday and half day on Monday – for Floridians and two full days for residents of other states.

Idea #2. Disney Vacation: Disney World + Cruise

cruise vacation ideas

Best for: families with children and parents who don’t want to spend a week in parks.

From where: Port Canaveral

Benefits: you make your children happy in Disney World for 3 days plus continue their happiness at 3 or 4 nights Bahamas cruise on Disney Dream.

You will save your feet while on cruise and excuse yourself from waiting lines for rides.
This idea works very well for spring breakers.

Idea #3. Universal Plus Cruise Vacation

cruise vacation ideas

This is exactly as idea 2 but with Universal instead of Disney World and Enchantment of the Seas instead of Disney Dream.

Idea #4. Florida Plus Cruise Vacation

cruise vacation ideas

Best for: first time cruises from states others than Florida. For those who love Florida in winter but are not sure if they love cruising.

From where: Tampa, Jacksonville, Port Canaveral, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

Benefits: you will enjoy Florida as before and give cruise industry a shot to see if you like an idea. This help you plan longer cruises if you love cruising.

Idea #5. Southern Caribbean Vacation

cruise vacation ideas

Best for: people who knows very well Western and Eastern Caribbean and have been in most of islands there.

From where: San Juan, Puerto Rico.

Benefits: explore new islands that you have never been and that are less visited and less crowded with people from mega ships.

Pristine beaches and more relaxing experience.

Idea #6: Panama Canal Cruise

cruise vacation ideas

Best for: people who have never been on Panama Canal or Pacific side of America.

From where: Los Angeles, Fort Lauderdale, and Miami.

Benefits: enjoy cruising longer days than usually, see new places, enjoy beaches.

Idea #7: Mexico and Pacific Coast

cruise vacation ideas

Best for: residents of the western part of USA.

From where: Los Angeles.

Benefits: take vacation closer to your hometown and avoid red eyes flights.

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