What Really Cruise Lines Don’t Tell You?

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crowd on cruises

Part 2

Last week I wrote about the different crowds on different cruise lines. You can read Part One by clicking HERE.

Today, I will tell you a bit more: there are different crowds within the same cruise line but on the different itineraries, from different originating ports, and on different cruise length, etc.


Let’s start with the advertisement. Everyone likes deals and specials. “This is great!” most people think.

Yes, but those same specials bring different crowds on board. People who didn’t even think about cruising have a chance with ‘buy one, get second free.’

When those promotions show up, cruise lines basically tell you: “I can’t fill my ship. My product is not on demand. I don’t care about pricing any more. I just need to sell at any cost.”

We are all humans and we can all cruise together, correct? Yes, we can! Problems arise when we have the different habits. When different generations with different habits come together this may create an unpleasant rift.

I was on a cruise once when toddlers crawled between people at a night club’ dancing floor at midnight because some parents were enjoying dancing. Or group of guests yelled on each other in the middle of hallway at 3 am. Or one guest knocked down another one after he accidentally touched his back.

Cruise lines have in most cases have strict regulations about guests’ behavior but actions follow after accident occurs.

So, pay attention to a lot of ‘specials’ – you may not like to be stuck on an unruly ship.

Signs to pay attention to:

  • Kids sail free – there will be a lot of kids on board. When this promotion is available, all staterooms on triple and quad occupancy are sold out immediately.
  • The same minded travelers translates into gated community club house crowd.
  • Huge onboard credit and free upgrades means that this particular sailing becomes affordable for cruisers that otherwise can’t afford the cruise at all.


Different itineraries cater to a different crowd. Caribbean is mostly for family travel. Alaska for couples. All around the world are mostly rotaries in their 70 and above.

Pay attention for the following:

  • Where cruise originated. The majority of the crowd will be from the surrounding area
  • Open or closed loop itinerary. Closed loop itinerary is more economical and attract more families with kids.
  • Transatlantic. This itinerary is the most affordable and long. That is why you will see more retirees there.
  • Ports of call. The most popular ports of call attract a younger crowd. The more unique itineraries are more popular among seasoned travelers.


The general rule of the thumb is the shorter the cruise, the cheaper and more party oriented the crowd.

Five-seven days cruises are normally family oriented, and the longer ones are geared towards an older demographic.


Probably the most obvious yet also most overlooked.

As the saying goes, you get what you pay for and when it comes to cruising, you are not just paying for your balcony, but also for your comfort and surroundings.

We have heard guests many times over complain about inadequate service or too many kids, yet they were the same ones ecstatic about that cheap cruise fare advertised on a flash sale online.

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