How Long is Too Long for a Cruise?

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By Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Ph.D., CLIA certified Elite Cruise Counselor

Yes, everyone has its own idea. I have a client that believe that 7-day cruise is too long. He constantly asks me if there any 4-5-night cruise to Southern Caribbean. Really?

Do you know that the most expensive cruises are often shortest ones? Simply divide cruise fare with taxes and fees, transfers, flight if any or parking, gas for driving on number of cruise days. The biggest numbers will be for short Bahamas cruise.

The most bargain are longer cruises. What is about $599 for 17 days? Or, $999 for 21 day. Do you know that those bargains are exist?

All those bargains are available if you are a retired, semi-retired or a freelancer to pack your luggage and go.

Did you hear about around the world cruise? Yes, you are right, it is around the globe in 180 days. This is the longest cruise on Oceania’s Insignia that departs from Miami on January 6, 2017. Ask me more about this – there is a great promo with 2 for 1 cruise fares, free first class roundtrip airfare first class roundtrip airfare* and other extras (* – ask me about details!)
Insignia returns to Miami on July 6, 2017. But this is not a case for majority of my readers: they either don’t have time, or money, or both.

So, let’s return to more doable options.

First, you can book a portion of world cruise. I even had a client who took one segment, then skipped a few, then joined ship closer to his home. There are a lot of creative approaches there.

Second, you can make your ‘own’ world segment. I just arrived from cruise on Azamara Journey and was surprised to learn that 117 guests were from previous sailing and 131 stayed on ship on next voyage.

This is because some cruise lines create itineraries in such a way that don’t repeat ports of call for 3-5 sailings. This give you option to combine itineraries in way as you prefer. Additionally, some cruise lines have discounts for back-to-back sailings.

Third, you may look at long itineraries that helps you to immerse in local culture for an extended time. Right now, some last-minute sailings in Pacific Ocean is a bargain on mass market cruise lines. Yes, you must know visa requirements in this region to avoid jumping into plane and be rejected to sail on pier.

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cruise attantion2

Important Update from Royal Caribbean International concerning Samsung Galaxy Note 7

I received VERY important email from Royal Caribbean International

October 21, 2016


Dear Travel Partner,


We are writing to provide important information regarding Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones. Please provide this information to your clients as soon as possible.


Royal Caribbean International will no longer allow Samsung Galaxy Note 7 cell phones onboard our ships. This decision was made in light of recent incidents and safety concerns raised by Samsung about this particular device, as well as the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) recent ban of the phone from all airplanes. We ask that guests who own a Samsung Galaxy Note 7 not bring the device on their cruise.


Thank you for your assistance in notifying and updating your clients about our Samsung Galaxy Note 7 policy. As always, thank you for your ongoing support of Royal Caribbean International.




Royal Caribbean International

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Nadia Jastrjembslaia. PhD. is a CLIA certified Cruise Counselor in the highest rank of Elite Cruise Counselor and Luxury Cruise Specialist. CLIA stands for Cruise Line International Association. She is a managing director of Aurora Cruises and Travel - storefront cruise travel agency in Port St. Lucie, Florida. She experienced more than 80 cruise ships and sailings. Nadia is a published author with her new book Suite Cruising on Royal Caribbean Fleet is scheduled to hit market in March 2016.

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