Case study: Incident in LaGuardia Airport

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Case study: Incident in LaGuardia Airport

The video above was on the News and Facebook with more than 500,000 views.

I decided to write a post about it because this case exposed the problem that self – booker’s experience.
This is not the only an incident that occurred. This is one of a few that received publicity.

Please read and share!

So, what is the problem?

Problem is in expectations that may exist in the ideal world that everything is as planned.

In many cases, this works but not always. Most people do not realize that the perfect world does not exist and you are paying for the promise when you book your vacation.

Your confirmation is the only piece of paper that promises that your vacation will be as written on website.

This website sells you ‘the best deal’ promise but do not disclose that you are on your own if any issues arise.

How I decided that this woman does not have back up support?

My thoughts are based on the following:

  • Woman shout because she did not receive any support and information from her travel agent or concierge at travel insurance.
  • Woman was on late flight, so she had hotel reservation for that night prior her cruise. Therefore, she lost her reservation and $150-250 that it cost.
  • Woman did not have a travel agent she can call to obtain more information about flight delay and how to handle this situation.
  • Woman did not have travel insurance to cover cost for the hotel in Miami, hotel in LaGuardia, meals and water during delay.

That is why she was extremely upset – she lost money, she had a night on the airport chair with her children.
This is not the right way to start a cruise vacation, but travelers cannot overwrite Mother Nature.

What is the cost to avoid this situation?

To have your own travel agent is $0. Yes, you cannot receive $XX onboard credit as on

XXX.coms receive commissions from the cruise line to provide service for your reservation from booking up to the end of your vacation.

Instead, they do not provide any service and to make a sale rebate part of their commissions by buying additional onboard credit from cruise lines.

In reverse, the respected travel professionals provide service for commissions they received and do not buy onboard credit to gain the business.

They give more: their time and backup support in situations like this.

Second, this is the best investment into your vacation is to purchase the travel protection from companies that provide concierge service.

They work 24/7 and give a great support.

In situations like this, my clients call me – only one call! I call to concierge service and obtain information from airline about delay and time for departure.

I work with concierge service on hotel stay in the airport and food allowance.
After I obtain information, I contact my client and inform her what to do.


Insurance to cover the whole cruise vacation for one adult and two children will be around $100+. Some insurance companies offer children free program.

So, to avoid this terrible situation the woman had to invest $100+.

I believe this investment worst it! For family of three on the Disney cruise plus airfare from New York to Miami will be around $7K.

That is why the woman yelled that she saved for a few years!

She saved on professional help and insurance and finished in a horrible situation that ruined her vacation.

In conclusion

XXXXX.coms offer you the best of the best pictures and ‘deals.’

Allow them to book your vacation, you find yourself on your own without any professional help you paid for already.

Three tips from Nadia

  1. Evaluate risk of self-planning and eliminating back office support for your vacation.
  2. Have a clear plan what you will do in situation(s) as on video. Who will care about you and your family?
  3. Find a trusted and reliable travel professional. Build relationships with her. Let her be your back officer for your cruise vacation.

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