Lessons from hurricane Mathew
LESSONS FROM HURRICANE MATHEW By Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Ph.D., CLIA certified Elite Cruise Counselor I am lucky. I was in Italy when hurricane Mathew damaged my hometown and Florida. It was stressful! I was on phone with my daughter and gave her directions how to install hurricane shutters in my house. I still remember unpleased wind noise from my experiences with previous hurricanes. … Read More
Cruising During Hurricane Season: Worth the Risk?
Cruising During Hurricane Season: Take a Risk? I write this post when most of people in my city of Port St. Lucie prepare for  hurricane Erika. I also prepare: call all my clients who start cruising on this Sunday. Some cruise lines changed departure time. – They leave ports earlier than scheduled. So, I called every family and informed them to be … Read More
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