Six Don’ts on Your Cruise
SIX DON'TS ON YOUR CRUISE By Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Ph.D., CLIA certified Elite Cruise Counselor Some of my clients call me a few days prior the cruise and ask advices what to do and what not to do while you on your cruise vacation. I decided combine six recommendations in one simple blog. 1. Don’t forget to start planning early This is a … Read More
Cruising Europe This Summer: Take a Risk?
Have up been in Europe? Or, maybe you visited Europe before and now is time to think about this again. Take the risk? According to experts, the actual risk of becoming a terrorist victim is close to zero. However, risk consultant David Ropeik says that it is not the statistics. It is about how we feel about risk that determines our decision-making. … Read More
Cruising During Hurricane Season: Worth the Risk?
Cruising During Hurricane Season: Take a Risk? I write this post when most of people in my city of Port St. Lucie prepare for  hurricane Erika. I also prepare: call all my clients who start cruising on this Sunday. Some cruise lines changed departure time. – They leave ports earlier than scheduled. So, I called every family and informed them to be … Read More
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