Six Don’ts on Your Cruise

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By Nadia Jastrjembskaia, Ph.D., CLIA certified Elite Cruise Counselor

Some of my clients call me a few days prior the cruise and ask advices what to do and what not to do while you on your cruise vacation.

I decided combine six recommendations in one simple blog.

1. Don’t forget to start planning early

This is a big challenge for most of people. They start planning far in advance, book their cruise with me or my associate and – disappear. Most overlooking item- hotel stay prior to cruise. This may be a problem during peak season in Fort Lauderdale – most desirable hotels are sold out when you are ready to book them – mostly around the final payment for cruise.

2. Don’t forget to check-in online

I check the internal reservation system for cruise lines on a regular basis to check if my clients finished their check-in online. For those who doesn’t have time and for not-so-good-with-computers we offer assistance. To expedite the process, we utilize special software that allows our guests on go to my computer and supervise how I put private information into system.

3. Don’t use the elevators

This is my rule. Even on Oasis class ships I am trying my best to avoid using the elevators. This simple exercise helps me to burn extra calories I claim my own in dining room. Remember, Allure of the Seas returns to homeport 7, 999 lb. heavier.
Another point to take into consideration: elevators are packed on big ships. In closed environment it is easier to catch airborne and direct contact diseases.

4. Don’t forget to use your onboard credits

Believe or not, this advice is overlooked! Some people precisely catch promotions from suppliers to receive onboard credit simply to forget using it in full before 10 pm (in some cruise lines even earlier.)

So, if you have onboard credit, use it at the beginning of your cruise at full to avoid this mistake.

5. Don’t get drunk on a rough day at sea

If sea is quite rocky, no alcohol beverages even you paid for beverage package. You may have nausea and seeing double unless motion sickness. Additionally, you may be in danger of injury due to ship’s bumpiness and swaying around.

6. Don’t forget sunscreen

Every time I return from shore on Caribbean’s cruise I see a lot of sun burned people. I understand that you cruise in January but sun is strong even at that time in tropics. Sunscreen must be second to be placed into your bag after your travel documents. Sun burning is not a pleasant experience that can ruin so desirable cruise vacation.

From the Desk of Nadia Jastrjembskaia

I will be on Azamara Journey at the end of this week. I plan to have a lot of live videos if connections are strong on ship and ashore. Please like my page Luxury Cruise Agency to watch all videos I post there.

I will show you ship and activities I experienced.

Itinerary for my cruise is very excited:

September 30 - Rome/Civitavecchia
 October 1 and 2 - Sorrento/Italy:
 October 3 - Taormina
 October 4 - Valletta
 October 5 - Porto
 October 7 - Rome

Also, you can watch my videos from St. Petersburg, Russia on this page also.

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Nadia Jastrjembslaia. PhD. is a CLIA certified Cruise Counselor in the highest rank of Elite Cruise Counselor and Luxury Cruise Specialist. CLIA stands for Cruise Line International Association. She is a managing director of Aurora Cruises and Travel - storefront cruise travel agency in Port St. Lucie, Florida. She experienced more than 80 cruise ships and sailings. Nadia is a published author with her new book Suite Cruising on Royal Caribbean Fleet is scheduled to hit market in March 2016.

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