Cruising Europe This Summer: Take a Risk?

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Have up been in Europe?

Or, maybe you visited Europe before and now is time to think about this again.

Take the risk?

According to experts, the actual risk of becoming a terrorist victim is close to zero. However, risk consultant David Ropeik says that it is not the statistics. It is about how we feel about risk that determines our decision-making.

“No matter how you do the math, the risk is infinitesimal,” said Ropeik, author of “How Risky Is It Really?: Why The Fears Don’t Always Match the Facts” “But that doesn’t matter, what matters is how the risk feels, and at the moment it feels a lot scarier than infinitesimal.”

Ropeik explains that terrorism scares us due to its randomness and inability in predicting how to avoid it.

“Uncertainty means we don’t know what we need to know to protect ourselves,” Ropeik said. “That’s powerlessness, and it makes the risk scarier.”

There are other similar bombings in the Middle East, Africa, or South Asia that did not receive magnified coverage in media as the recent attacks in Europe. According to Ropeik, this media coverage made the risk of terrorism seem greater than it may really be.

“Our brains are hard-wired to disregard logic when assessing risk. We tend to make decisions based on emotional responses, responses that helped our evolutionary ancestors make quick decisions rather than undertake thoughtful deliberations about whether a snake or lion was dangerous,” Ropeik explained.

“We overdo the feeling of how can I stay safe,” Ropeik said. “We respond with feelings regardless of what the numbers tell us.”

With that said, if you are worried of hot spots, I will help you to create itinerary that give a taste of Europe without to exposing yourself to big cities and crowded areas.

Believe me, you will enjoy small towns and villages more than chasing through huge cities with thousands of tourists.

Advantages of Cruising in Europe This Year

There are few things to think about before you abandon the idea to postpone your cruise in Europe this year.

First of all, the dollar is stronger than the euro.

Second, there are no Zika mosquitoes.

Third, no visa required. Consider this because in the foreseeable future Americans may be required to have on. This is because European officials say they may suspend a visa waiver program for the U.S. and Canada.

Forth, the most important: prices for cruises and flights are extremely friendly compared to 2015.

Can you imagine cruising on the Harmony of the Seas on inaugural sailing for $599 per person plus taxes of $79.28? Yes, this is possible! Alternatively, a 12 night Mediterranean cruise on Brilliance of the Seas is also for $599 per person plus taxes of $119.55.

You can cruise on the luxurious SeaDream yachts for $3,199 per person instead of regular $7,999.

My recommendation to you:

Review your budget, leave days, and check if your passport is not expired.

Contact Donna or myself at 772 335-7017 and we help you to find a safe itinerary that avoids ports of call that you wish to avoid.

You will have the best vacation ever, believe me!

Talk to you soon!

“Nadia is so knowledgeable about cruising in Europe. She always recommends cruise that we like. She has picked great cabins for our cruise, even finding great last minute deals. Highly recommend Nadia, she makes cruise planning so easy.”

Emily S, Sarasota, FL

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