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Most of my readers know that I am the founder and managing director at Aurora Cruises and Travel and cruise advisor in a rank of Elite Cruise Counselor from Cruise Line International Association (CLIA.)

I sell travel. Expedia sells travel. XXXXX.com sells travel. So, what separates me from those online sellers of travel?

The most important, I am a human. You can chat with me and send me email.

Second, I am not sitting in tiny cubicle in call center on minimum wage. I am well-travelled expert that has non-bias opinion.

Third, I am not a part-timer who works on call from home kitchen table. I have a real office to meet with my clients.

So, I sell my services: first-hand knowledge and expertise. This helps you to find the perfect match between your expectations and travel products.

Value is Not Absolute

You know, the value of any product or service is not entirely inherent in the product or service by itself. A good or a service has value only to a select group of people. For some people butler service on cruise ship doesn’t have a value at all.

That is why big percentage of prospects don’t value travel professionals and trash their time. I had a one man who asked 57 questions in 35 emails but didn’t give me a business. This happened 5 years ago when I was fresh and naïve business owner.

Now, I ask people to call me first or give me their phone number, so I or my associates can contact this person. During a phone or Skype conversation become very clear if person needs service or simply looking to obtain my expertise without commitment.

My Role in Cruising Industry

Some people are surprised to learn that 70 % of cruisers still use travel professionals to plan and book their cruise vacations according to CLIA.

Interesting, that in some segments this percentage is higher. All-around the-world cruises have more than 90% booking rate through travel professionals.

As cruise products became more and more diverse and complicated, demands for professional service have increased. I see that in a larger volume of requests we receive on a daily basis.

TripAdvisor and many sites like it have a lot of information, so users have to do a lot of filtering and comparing. It becomes a very painful process, especially for trips that are complex or longer. The average consumer goes to 38 different sites, according to an Expedia study, and they spend more than 10 hours.

The difference between this painful process and a nice process is one person who is unbiased and can help you.

If you need our cruise booking services, welcome! I and my associates will be glad to assist you! 772 335-7017.

PS Just to remind you that Royal runs Leap Day Sale starting today up to $100 OBC per stateroom.

Testimonial of the Day

“Thank you for all your thoughtful planning and help!”

Frank and May M., Florida

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Nadia Jastrjembslaia. PhD. is a CLIA certified Cruise Counselor in the highest rank of Elite Cruise Counselor and Luxury Cruise Specialist. CLIA stands for Cruise Line International Association. She is a managing director of Aurora Cruises and Travel - storefront cruise travel agency in Port St. Lucie, Florida. She experienced more than 80 cruise ships and sailings. Nadia is a published author with her new book Suite Cruising on Royal Caribbean Fleet is scheduled to hit market in March 2016.

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