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Learn how to take advantage of last minute sale even you book your cruise far in advance.

Royal Caribbean’s prices fluctuate as frequently as a stock price. You know that already.

What you probably don’t know: what Royal Caribbean International does with its unsold staterooms. Guess what?


A sale that is not widely advertised in media and even on Royal Caribbean’s website.

A silent sale that is unknown for the general public.

A sale that gives the most discount – up to 20% off – is unknown!

Going,Going,Gone! sale gives up to 20% off your cruise. It is unknown to public.

Let’s see what it is about.


What is a Going, Going, Gone sale?

It is Royal Caribbean weekly sale.  Every week, Royal Caribbean drops the prices on select sailings that are not doing well from a selling point of view. Nothing wrong with those sailings. Some of them had been held by travel agencies as group inventory and returned back around the final payment date.

Why book a Going, Going, Gone! deal?


Incredible savings across a variety of selected stateroom categories, including Interior, Ocean view, Balcony, and Suites.


Going, Going, Gone! rates are available on cruises departing within 90 days or less.


Last minute sailings are refreshed regularly with new itineraries continuously added.

What is time frame for Going, Going, Gone Sale?

After the final payment for a particular sailing: within 90 days prior departure.

Are all sailings featured on the Going, Going, Gone Sale?

No. Some of them. From my experience, the most expensive sailings are candidates for Going, Going, Gone! Sale. This is because travel agencies took too many staterooms out of inventory and were not able to sell them.

Are all stateroom categories are on the Going, Going, Gone Sale?

No. Some of them. More often, inside, ocean view and balconies. In some situations, expensive suites.

How I can benefit from Going, Going, Gone Sale if I already booked my cruise?

You can’t lower price for your stateroom if you booked already. But what you can do: receive a better stateroom that you paid for.

How? If you paid for an ocean view stateroom and stateroom with balcony is available for $43 extra per person – you get it! That is why I monitor prices for Going, Going, Gone Sale! to see if my clients may receive upgrade for a minimal charge.

What type of booking is eligible for Going, Going, Gone?

Going, Going, Gone! offers are valid for new individual bookings only and are not combinable with current promotions and discounts including residential discount and senior discount. Please see below for exceptions.

What about Crown & Anchor discount and Next Cruise onboard booking bonus?

Crown & Anchor discount and Next Cruise onboard booking bonus are combinable with Going, Going, Gone! sale.

How long will Going, Going, Gone! tariffs will be available for?

A limited amount of space is available under these prices. Once they are sold out the pricing may be increased or removed from the promotion.

What are the payment terms for Going, Going, Gone! tariffs?

Tariffs these low go quick so full payment must be made either on the same business day or within 24 hours of booking creation. This depends how far away sailing is.

Can I choose my stateroom?

Yes. In most cases, you have assigned staterooms to chose from.

Take into consideration the following rule: the deeper discount, more likely this stateroom will be in a guarantee category.

Good news is that we can see available inventory from inside and give a prediction for our client what stateroom may be assigned.

For example, if there are only 3 staterooms with balcony left, we can predict which one of them will be yours.

Would Royal Caribbean inform me about Going, Going, Gone! Sale?

No. Royal Caribbean International will inform you about new exciting promotions, not silent sale that can save you up to 20%.

You have to work with us to receive all benefits from Going, Going, Gone! sale by creating game plan.

How I will be notified about the Going, Going, Gone! Sale?

Fill out the form below and I will email you specials every week.

Ok, I knew about Going, Going, Gone! but when I look at sailing on sale date, advertised price is not there. Why?

Inventory on sale is capacity controlled. This means that there is no guarantee that you will see this price.

Guests who sailed with Royal Caribbean International before enjoy privilege to book one day prior to general public.

If this particular sailing is on demand, it is sold out before this price is available to the general public.

There are a few tricks I know that you can book stateroom of your choice. But in this case, you have to have me as your travel agents in records.

How I can start working with you?

Very simple. Contact my office at 772 335-7017 and talk to myself  or Donna about your cruise.

Let us know more about your family needs and expectations. We will offer you the different scenarios to beat the game.

After this we will recommend either to book immediately or wait before next week offer.

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