Video + Photo Tour of Empress of the Seas

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Empress of the Seas

It was an honor to be invited for a special event  that Royal Caribbean International hosted for the trade: introducing a  new ship to the fleet: Empress of the Seas.

I made some videos and photos form this ship – enjoy!

Vicki Freed Introduces Empress of the Seas

Vicki Freed is Royal Caribbean International’s senior vice president, Sales, Trade Support and Service.


We Do Business With People We Like

This is our mantra. We sell all cruise lines that are available  on the American market,  but prefer to do business with those companies who agree to build relationships on  a personal level.

This gives us a  feeling of security and trust. I know that nothing unpleasant happened  when my client is on board.
If something did happen, the company would handle it in the right and equitable way.
I don’t call the  Customer Care department. – I call Samantha, Erin, Hazel, Lori, Mary, name it.
I call  people that I  know personally and  trust.
They give me the right advice on  how to handle all  different situations.
Vicki Freed and Nadia Jastrjembskaia
Vicki Freed and Nadia Jastrjembskaia
Selling cruises is the part that is the most fun Servicing the reservation is a challenge –  because we can’t control mother nature, can’t control terrorists,  or politicians whose decisions effect travel plans.
That is why I care about my relationship with Royal Caribbean International.
They are such a great company to work with!
Birthday card to Nadia hand-written by Vicki Freed
Birthday card to Nadia hand-written by Vicki Freed

My birthday is  next week. I received a  hand-written B-card from Vicki Freed, the Senior Vice President for Royal Caribbean International. She wrote to me, “You are such a special lady! Our Industry (cruising) is blessed to have you in it! Thank you for just being you!”

This is the best testimonial I have ever received! Thank you,  Vicki!
With your guidance and nurturing,  I have  become what I am today. I moved my business from booking cruises and beating out others’  prices to becoming a  booking and caring boutique cruise consultancy,  where  my client’s vacation enjoyment is my  number one priority.

I learned from Vicki how to find the right clients that have the same values and a passion for cruising.

I learned from Vicki how to handle the unforeseen situations.

I learned from Vicki how to make clients for life and turn clients into friends,  forever.


I was in process of writing this blog when my client gave me a call that she was within  7 minutes’ drive from my exit,  while heading towards Fort Everglades for Oasis of the Seas.

Of course, I jumped into car and we met in person for a few minutes for the first time in three years.  There were unforgettable moments in my life!

Thank you,  Jenny for being my client and, finally, my friend!

There are two kinds of people in this world: those that I can help and those that I can’t.

People that I can help to plan their travel value relationships.

They value the  quality of the  time they spend on their vacation.

They value my time to help them to achieve this.

Thank you,  Frank for your flower basket that you sent me! I cherish it and add fresh cuts when previous flowers are gone.
I kindly ask people who are interested to join my consultancy: don’t price shop with me!

My prices will be the same as on suppliers’ web sites. I don’t rebate.

I give you more than rebating commission – my time when you need it the most.

Travel is unpredictable in our unstable world.
You already know  this.
A friend’s loyalty is the best investment to feel comfortable and secure.

So, if you feel that we can team up  for your next cruise vacation planning – let’s start!

The best way – call us on Monday and introduce yourself.

My friend and partner, Donna Salzano, is a former New Yorker and likes to meet new people. You will feel comfortable to chat with  and confide in  her.

If you don’t believe in relationships between sales persons and clients, stop here.
And you had best  unsubscribe from my blog. What is a would be the point?

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