Romance at Sea: a True Story

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Recently we sent one of our good clients, Angela and Morris, on a beautiful holiday sailing on the Celebrity Silhouette. Both were looking for a refined semi-luxurious ship with modern venues and some adventurous excursions. Since we have worked with Angela before, we knew she would want to plan every detail out ahead of time, though Morris stepped in to say he wanted to do all of the planning this time. With a few confused faces all around, he reassured her that he wanted to make this a once in a lifetime vacation they will never forget.

During one of their ports of call at St. Kitts, Morris was adamant to do a hiking trail excursion. Not Angela’s idea of a laid back day, but along she went with Morris’s plans. What she thought was a nice hike turned out to be a full climbing excursion and not the most cooperative weather to boot. The excursion took them towards the peaks of the island with luscious greenery all around. The climbing turned out to be a bit much for some, and one by one other guests would stay behind while the remaining group carried upwards.

As Angela made her way through the occasional rain and rough terrain, fresh manicure gone, herself and Morris were one of the handful who made it to the peak of the island, overlooking the beautiful island from one of the most serene points. But it wasn’t just the view that captured everyone’s attention. In the small space of the peak, Morris got down on one knee and asked Angela to marry him. He said that if she could get through this climb with him, he knew they could get through anything together. She said yes!

When thinking romance, you may first think of an intimate dinner or a couple’s massage. Yet have you ever considered cruising? Whether a celebration or just time away together, cruising can be matched to your wish list. You can make cruising as spontaneous, luxurious, quiet or adventurous as you want.

There are as many options as there are cruise ships out there, and we’re talking over 400! Many cruise lines have a dedicated department to romance packages, others have features on ships that can mark special occasions. The North Star for example, on Royal Caribbean’s Quantum of the Seas, is a pod that transports guests 300 feet over the water and can be reserved for special occasions. Just imagine a proposal over the New York Skyline or during a blissful sunset on the open water!

Also, we created very exclusive packages for people who celebrate birthdays or special occasions – do you wish to explore different option?

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